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The Accidental Law Student: Embracing a New Chapter at 47

(its not me cosplaying as GRU)

I've never been one to shy away from challenges, but embracing the world of law at 47, after a two-decade hiatus from academia, is certainly a new adventure. I'm a proud recent graduate with a Business Administration Major in Marketing Management degree, and I'm cur…

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The 5 Secrets to Creating Animated Explainer Videos That Engage and Convert

Animated explainer videos are a popular tool for businesses and organizations to communicate complex ideas and information to their target audiences. These videos are designed to be visually engaging, informative, and entertaining, making them a powerful tool for increasing engagement, building bran…

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The Secret to Engaging Brand Storytelling? Animated 2D Characters and Illustrations

Brand storytelling is a powerful marketing technique that involves using a narrative to communicate a brand's values, mission, and personality. A well-told brand story can create an emotional connection between the brand and its audience, and can help to differentiate the brand from its competitors.…

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Animated explainer videos can be a powerful tool for businesses and organizations that want to communicate complex ideas or products in a simple and engaging way. However, finding a good provider for animated explainer videos can be a challenge, as the quality of these videos can vary greatly from o…

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Types of Explainer Videos That Still Work In 2023

Explainer videos are a powerful tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to communicate complex ideas, products, or services in a simple and engaging way. However, not all explainer videos are created equal. There are several different types of explainer videos, each with its own…

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Animated Explainer Videos Are Still The Way to Go

Animated explainer videos are still essential to any website, app, or SaaS because they provide a quick, engaging, and easy-to-understand way to explain complex concepts, products, or services. They can effectively capture the attention of the target audience and provide a visual representation of t…

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Cloud HQ delivers and why you should get it running with your Gmail ASAP!

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way we store, access, and manage data, and CloudHQ is a leading cloud-based platform that provides businesses with a simple, yet powerful solution for all their data management needs.

At its core, CloudHQ is a cloud-to-cloud backup and synchronization tool t…

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Keeping this blog moving.

I have not paid too much focus on my website's activities for years as the explainer video stuff was/is just too consuming to have extra moments to jot down thoughts (I thought that was what Facebook was for). But now that I just redesigned the site again, I thought it best to keep track of activiti…

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It took me 7 years to post this :)

The Boss is Watching

Videos are the new headlines. People tend to watch videos more than they would read into pages and pages of text on your website. Wistia came out with an interesting infographic on how US executives are accepting and integrating videos on to their businesses.

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How to Supercharge Your Videos

To make sure your video stands out above all the clutter on the web, here are a few strategies that will give your videos an extra boost.

  1. Create a Campaign: To get noticed, think beyond stand-alone videos.  For greater reach and exposure, create a series of content-rich videos that you publish r…

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Some Insights into the US Video-Sharing Market

I recommend using sites like YouTube and Vimeo to host your videos instead of streaming it directly from your own servers. As it taps into a huge and diverse market. Check out this infographic from wistia....


One nation under video
Infographic by: Wistia

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10 Reasons Why YouTube Is Better Than TV For Marketers & Advertisers

Television is still one of the most popular media outlets and advertisers will always want their products to be shown into the homes of millions each day. For older people this is the main way that they will be reached but for the younger generations there will be better ways to contact them. Some s…

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The Power of a Presentation

I've just got myself a copy of Duarte's Slide:ology. I tell you know, it is a MUST-READ for any one  who has ever put up a presentation using the ugly templates Powerpoint comes with. Or anyone who has an idea who would like to find an effective way of presenting it.

So what struck me most in the b…

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The Explainer Advantage

In this age where an idea you come up with during a drunken moment of epiphany can turn into a billion dollar cash cow, people immediately take their ideas to the web. And with access to all the modern inter-web tools an idea can become a website almost instantaneously. With so many ideas out there,…

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New Office

The blog has been silent for a couple of months, that's because a lot has gone on and it has been pretty hard to sit in front of a laptop long enough after work to write a post. Anyway, summer in the Philippines has just ended signaled by the arrival of the first mega-typhoons. Yesterday was also th…

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Just Being Vocal About It

I've been producing videos for quite a while now, and have worked with dozens of talented people. Lately, there's only 2 people I've been referring to clients for their voice-over requirements. Simply because they are worth the recommendation, and does me good to be in the company of such talented p…

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As Seen On TV.... On US TV!

Check it out! One of my videos have set foot on US TV, even for just a few seconds! Love it!

C'mon. I'm Maverick, you're not even Goose.

Okay so this week I had to again turn down 2 offers asking me to join their design group or company. Both are start-ups, whats up with that?

Both, started with "Hi, I liked your portfolio..." or something to that effect. The other one even went to the extent of asking to feature my portfolio in thei…

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goodbye Webs,

I know you guys would be surprised to find that I have migrated my site from my previous address to this brand-spanking new site on viviti. (this is of course unless your viewing me for the first time) Why? The old site from is now down for almost 5 days due to a yet to be determined IS…

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