John Carl Galang

Please take a moment to read through this section. Aside from answering the most common questions I get asked often, I have also detailed out the conditions to which our team works optimally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

There are a few things I would need to get started on a video.
1. A script, storyboard and/or a brief description of the video you have in mind. If you do not have all of these, that's ok. I can help out with the script. I just need you to write me a paragraph "selling" your product/idea to a customer or your target audience. Imagine your a salesman trying to sales-talk a customer into buying your product, write what you're going to say. From there, I can help you pretty it up for a video.
2. If your video would need voice actors such as characters voices or narration, I would need that prior to animation as I would time all screen movements to the voice over and audio track.
3. All images that your require on the video such as logos, screenshots etc. as well as anything I can refer to so I can sync my designs with your existing designs.
4. Visual pegs. Links to videos on sites like Youtube or Vimeo that are similar to what you have in mind. Its easier to sync ideas if we're looking at the same thing. From there we can point out to things you want and don't want and I can use that as guide.

Do you provide voice overs?

Nope. But I can refer you to people that I work with regularly and recommend them with confidence. There are samples on the home page. Their pricing is very competitive and they deliver quality products. They need to be paid directly and separate from projects with me and payment to them should be done prior to their delivery. You may wish to contact them directly, contact details are available upon request. I can also facilitate the work transactions, however I will not receive any payment in their behalf.

How long does it take to make a video?

I usually ask for 14 days minimum to arrive at the first draft but this usually depends on the complexity of the video some may be easier to make and some might take a bit longer. This will depend on the script or the targets we've agreed upon. 

Why do you not do storyboards?

Unless you provide for a storyboard, I will not make one for you. Once we're agreed with the script and the direction we want to take. I will start illustrating and animating at the same time. It takes me just only bit longer to make a draft video than to make a drawn storyboard. The storyboard is a corner we have to cut. As I have limited manpower and for clients to keep enjoying the price I offer, I need to cut this out of the process.

How do you deal with drafts and revisions?

Once I start illustrating and animating, please wait 14 working days for me to provide the draft. I may choose to show you portions of the video  I have completed and ready to present however I do not usually show work until the draft is finished. The draft is already a usable product, that if you do not have any corrections or revisions to it you can use it right away. If you want portions to be changed or even the entire draft changed, we will revise as many times as reasonably necessary to arrive at a video you will be satisfied with, this is my guarantee.

What is your policy on source files and assets?

When a contract is started, unless otherwise specified, I retain ownership of the files and illustrations I created here.  And they are provided free of any royalties for use solely on the video or end-product agreed upon. This excludes any copyrighted material I used, a client has provided, or any illustration made to copy or reproduced copyrighted material such as, but not limited to, logos and other trademarks. However, providing source files and project media is not part of the agreement unless it is specified beforehand. Storage of such is guaranteed only for 90 days starting from the closure of the project. These source files can be purchased separately starting at $500USD depending on overall folder size. The reason for this is  the cost of engaging my service is based only on the end-product. This cost does not take into account my other client services needed to produce videos such as executive time in alignment meetings, updates, scriptwriting, sampling, etc. There is no employee-employer relationship, only a transaction for me to deliver the end-product.

How long should an explainer video be?

Usually 1.5 to 2 mins. The shorter the better. This article should give you some good insights.

How much do you charge for each video?

It varies per video. There's no standard price for creativity. Pricing depends on the quality, complexity of each goal and this will have to be assessed on each project. If you course this through websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Guru I usually bid with a price relevant to project descriptions. This would be the last thing you would worry with me, my quotations will always be competitive.

What is disintermediation?

The definition of the word disintermediation is the elimination of a financial intermediary in an effort to avoid fees. So if you have found me through Upwork or Freelancer (or any other sites that I have registered with), I will only work with you through those sites respectively. I value my pristine standing in those sites and these ensure you that I will work  not just for your money but will work for your rave review. This is one rule I will not break so please don't ask.