John Carl Galang

Keeping this blog moving.

I have not paid too much focus on my website's activities for years as the explainer video stuff was/is just too consuming to have extra moments to jot down thoughts (I thought that was what Facebook was for). But now that I just redesigned the site again, I thought it best to keep track of activities and keep the wheels turning on this part of the site.

So yeah. Here's my latest creation for Ecobuild Solutions in Australia. 

I started out in 2D with just a bit of 3D on this. But as comments exchanged between me and client, I started to go full out on the 3D. However, since I started with just regular 2D layers to build my 3D stuff in After Effects, I ended up making all the 3D stuff with just regular AE shapes and solid layers. Yes, even the screws! Activated raytracing at the end and voila!

<CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO> The video is set to be played only on YouTube.

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