John Carl Galang

The Explainer Advantage

In this age where an idea you come up with during a drunken moment of epiphany can turn into a billion dollar cash cow, people immediately take their ideas to the web. And with access to all the modern inter-web tools an idea can become a website almost instantaneously. With so many ideas out there, it is easy to mistake one as an offspring of another or how one website can be a better version of another. How do you set your service apart? How do you make consumers, your customers, single you out from the other somewhat similar ventures?

Well, Explainer Videos on a websites home page have proven to be a very effective and highly efficient method of not just setting you apart from the rest but establishing your image the moment a customer sets foot on your doorstep.


You've done your SEO, you paid much for PPC and other ways to drive traffic to your site. Now's your chance to show them what you've got. And realistically, you only have one chance.

Once customers set foot on your home page, you need to grab their attention immediately. Like a salesman greeting you at the door and leading you to the finer points of the business, a good explainer video must be able to capture your customers imagination and make him see himself benefiting from the product or service... immediately.

Any good marketer will know that keeping regular customers is often easier and less costly than trying to acquire new ones. A person browsing a website often clicks away within the first few seconds upon deduction that your product is basically just like another. It is easier to keep him on your page rather than go out and find another. An effective explainer should be able to keep them on the homepage and point them towards the unique information about your business that you need them to understand right away.


An explainer is usually just 2-3 minutes long. Anything beyond this often works against its purpose. Now you can use this and spread it across the internet. A good explainer video always has the potential to go viral. Your explainer is no longer limited to your home page but it could be streamed through YouTube or Vimeo, and shared across Facebook and all the other social media platforms. Without or with very minimal cost to you.


For websites that have been running for a while, sometimes it is difficult to conduct a major surgical procedure on the overall look of the site. And we all know that a brand needs to update its image to the rapidly changing times, changing your site's overall look can become expensive if you do it quarterly. With explainer videos, you can update your image without having to change your entire look. No need for a site facelift, just get a new trendy pair of shoes.


Whether you are serving a product, a service, a person, or an organization. You need to introduce yourself properly. Good explainers not just give you a good introduction, it should introduce you the right way. You want that ever important first impression of you to be exactly what you want it to be. 


With all these SEO tools and advertising engines that calculate  how to effectively get your advertising to the right consumer profiles and raising the chances of compliance to your call-to-action, we now have the laser-targeted ability to pay for just 3,000 qualified hits rather than paying for a million random hits to hopefully get the qualified ones in the process. And since internet videos are no longer subject to costly "airtime", explainer vids are the new format of marketing videos.

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