John Carl Galang

Hello! I'm John Carl Galang. Provider of end-to-end Explainer Video services. I've made more than 500 animated marketing videos in the past 6 years for businesses and start-ups in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and many other countries. My pristine records in the outsourcing sites I subscribe to and my clients' feedback are testament to the quality of service I provide.

What We Do

Explainer Videos

This is our main area of expertise. Through the use of the latest animation and graphics software such as Adobe After Effects, we can take your business ideas and turn them into engaging and insightful presentations. Laced with messages that elicit instant action which are then married to graphics that reinforce recall of the key points you want delivered. Please check out our portfolio.

White-Label Arrangement

Do you want to offer video services as part of your business but don't have the staff and the expertise to do so? Do you want to start an Explainer Video business in your area by acting as a sales agent for our service? Do you need a back-up team of video specialists when the demand for your own services become overwhelming? That can be arranged.

Currently, we work together with a few companies from Australia, the US and UK who market their service and use us either as their backend or backup workforce. 

Guided by John's professionalism and business sense, you can trust us to respect and honor business arrangements and relationships with you and your clients. We can also arrange for regional exclusivity and rights to first-refusal.

Luis Galang 2.0

We have formally assumed the task of handling management and marketing for Philippine teen guitar prodigy Luis Galang. His new site and YouTube videos will come live as we roll out his 2017 Q2 campaign.

Locally,  we handle booking and logistics as well as the technical requirements of live his performances.

For more information on him please feel free to visit his social media pages:


For bookings and business inquiries please use our Reach Me Here page.