John Carl Galang

New Office

The blog has been silent for a couple of months, that's because a lot has gone on and it has been pretty hard to sit in front of a laptop long enough after work to write a post. Anyway, summer in the Philippines has just ended signaled by the arrival of the first mega-typhoons. Yesterday was also the first time for me (and probably all the people I know) to have heard of an actual tornado in 'twister' levels hitting Manila, luckily some several kilometers away from my place.

So, what have we done the past months? A lot. A lot that I had to hire an assistant to make sure that work continues even when I had to tend to some major personal distresses. But yeah we got through the summer with lots of progress. We are now at the new office, its a small studio in orange. But I've not finished bringing in all the stuff so I won't post pictures just yet.

Some new gear as well, i7's and more HD audio stuff. Finally being able to afford to upgrade to Adobe CS5 and the new version of Adobe Audition. Software fuels inspiration. So now all the videos that come out of our studios are guaranteed to contain at least 50% more inspiration!


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