John Carl Galang

Just Being Vocal About It

I've been producing videos for quite a while now, and have worked with dozens of talented people. Lately, there's only 2 people I've been referring to clients for their voice-over requirements. Simply because they are worth the recommendation, and does me good to be in the company of such talented people. So Ladies and Gentlemen meet my favorite Voice-Actors....

First up, is Val Victa. I've known and worked with him for years and am ashamed to not have thought of him the past few months I've been looking for voices. It took a funeral of an old boss for us to get together again, and only then did I remember how this guy has been acclaimed for his talent in voice-acting. He comes from a great pedigree of actors and has received numerous awards in the past. Check him out on IMDB

Next, it is my pleasure to introduce to you Sarah Dillingham. Last year I stumbled upon her website from a link posted on another website. Liked how she sounded, so I gave her links to a client. She delivered well, so I referred her to another client. And on the third client (as I recall), was the only time I contacted her thru chat on facebook. She's on most of the videos on my home page. Her work speak for themselves. Nuff said. Check her out on her website

I've created a portion on my homepage to showcase some of their voice clips if you want to check them out,

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