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10 Reasons Why YouTube Is Better Than TV For Marketers & Advertisers

Television is still one of the most popular media outlets and advertisers will always want their products to be shown into the homes of millions each day. For older people this is the main way that they will be reached but for the younger generations there will be better ways to contact them. Some spend so much time online that it is this medium that will be most effective. YouTube has small clips that cover almost any topic and can be viewed at home or on the move and many advertisers are now turning to them to get their message across.

Why Is YouTube Better? There are plenty of reasons why YouTube is better than TV, for both viewers and businesses:

1. There is no need to be at home to watch it. In pubs the television is usually on in the background only but groups will often look online for certain things while they are out.

2. YouTube is free. Television advertising can cost a great deal and the more popular the program the more expensive it will be. It is hard to target as so many people watching will not be interested.

3. More effective advertising. With television, manny people use the advertisements to leave the room to make a drink or a phone call, so often times the advertisement will be screened to an empty room.

4. Some people don’t bother with television as much as they used to. As television programs can be watched on a computer, some are choosing to watch a lot of programs online. As there have been developments with the ways in which programs are watched many either fast forwarded the advertisements or in the case of Catch Up TV they are taken out altogether.

5. Variety of content. YouTube has short to the point clips that have plenty of similar clips attached. If you pick a clip you are interested in there is a ready prepared list of others to view without the need to start searching for them.

6. “Always on“. TV may show a lot of repeats but a YouTube clip can be watched as often as you want.

7. Consumer presence. The Internet is a good research tool and many look here before they make a purchase so a YouTube advert will be seen by them.

8. YouTube is less restrictive. Television will not allow certain things to be broadcast but as long as it is legal it is very likely that you can say what you want on YouTube.

9. Links can be sent from YouTube. If something is on the television it will be seen once and then gone. There will be the chance to tell others but not send them a link. This way even people who are not watching YouTube can get the information.

10. Anyone can put up a video. If you have a happy event that you want to share you can put it on YouTube. Most people could not put a wedding video or a day when the cat was being playful on the television but with YouTube it is easy.

If you are not convinced, spend some time yourself at YouTube. You can find serious features and funny events to watch at your leisure. YouTube may not take over from television but for many viewers and marketers, it offers more power and freedom.

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