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I have not paid too much focus on my website's activities for years as the explainer video stuff was/is just too consuming to have extra moments to jot down thoughts (I thought that was what Facebook was for). But now that I just redesigned the site again, I thought it best to keep track of activities and keep the wheels turning on this part of the site.

So yeah. Here's my latest creation for Ecobuild Solutions in Australia. 

I started out in 2D with just a bit of 3D on this. But as comments exchanged between me and client, I started to go full out on the 3D. However, since I started with just regular 2D layers to build my 3D stuff in After Effects, I ended up making all the 3D stuff with just regular AE shapes and solid layers. Yes, even the screws! Activated raytracing at the end and voila!

<CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO> The video is set to be played only on YouTube.

It took me 7 years to post this :)

The Boss is Watching

Videos are the new headlines. People tend to watch videos more than they would read into pages and pages of text on your website. Wistia came out with an interesting infographic on how US executives are accepting and integrating videos on to their businesses.

How to Supercharge Your Videos

To make sure your video stands out above all the clutter on the web, here are a few strategies that will give your videos an extra boost.

  1. Create a Campaign: To get noticed, think beyond stand-alone videos.  For greater reach and exposure, create a series of content-rich videos that you publish regularly.  Not only will this create a great synergy around your content, but it will also allow you to build upon your brand identity as each video is released.
  2. Always Include a Call to Action: Never miss the opportunity to ask your viewers to take some type of action at the end of your video.  You can ask them to sign up for your newsletter, go to a specific website, leave a comment about your video or visit your blog.  If your video is good, you’ll likely have their full attention; make sure to take advantage of it!
  3. Don’t Make a Sales Pitch: There is a lot of sales clutter on the web and you want to make sure you come out above this.  There is nothing wrong with selling your products or services, but use your video to define a problem, discuss solutions and support others—when you combine the three, your video will attract the right following.

excerpt from an article by Amy Porterfield

Some Insights into the US Video-Sharing Market

I recommend using sites like YouTube and Vimeo to host your videos instead of streaming it directly from your own servers. As it taps into a huge and diverse market. Check out this infographic from wistia....


One nation under video
Infographic by: Wistia

10 Reasons Why YouTube Is Better Than TV For Marketers & Advertisers

Television is still one of the most popular media outlets and advertisers will always want their products to be shown into the homes of millions each day. For older people this is the main way that they will be reached but for the younger generations there will be better ways to contact them. Some spend so much time online that it is this medium that will be most effective. YouTube has small clips that cover almost any topic and can be viewed at home or on the move and many advertisers are now turning to them to get their message across.

Why Is YouTube Better? There are plenty of reasons why YouTube is better than TV, for both viewers and businesses:

1. There is no need to be at home to watch it. In pubs the television is usually on in the background only but groups will often look online for certain things while they are out.

2. YouTube is free. Television advertising can cost a great deal and the more popular the program the more expensive it will be. It is hard to target as so many people watching will not be interested.

3. More effective advertising. With television, manny people use the advertisements to leave the room to make a drink or a phone call, so often times the advertisement will be screened to an empty room.

4. Some people don’t bother with television as much as they used to. As television programs can be watched on a computer, some are choosing to watch a lot of programs online. As there have been developments with the ways in which programs are watched many either fast forwarded the advertisements or in the case of Catch Up TV they are taken out altogether.

5. Variety of content. YouTube has short to the point clips that have plenty of similar clips attached. If you pick a clip you are interested in there is a ready prepared list of others to view without the need to start searching for them.

6. “Always on“. TV may show a lot of repeats but a YouTube clip can be watched as often as you want.

7. Consumer presence. The Internet is a good research tool and many look here before they make a purchase so a YouTube advert will be seen by them.

8. YouTube is less restrictive. Television will not allow certain things to be broadcast but as long as it is legal it is very likely that you can say what you want on YouTube.

9. Links can be sent from YouTube. If something is on the television it will be seen once and then gone. There will be the chance to tell others but not send them a link. This way even people who are not watching YouTube can get the information.

10. Anyone can put up a video. If you have a happy event that you want to share you can put it on YouTube. Most people could not put a wedding video or a day when the cat was being playful on the television but with YouTube it is easy.

If you are not convinced, spend some time yourself at YouTube. You can find serious features and funny events to watch at your leisure. YouTube may not take over from television but for many viewers and marketers, it offers more power and freedom.

Source: 10 Reasons Why YouTube Is Better Than TV For Marketers & Advertisers ©2008-2011 ReelSEO Video Marketing

The Power of a Presentation

I've just got myself a copy of Duarte's Slide:ology. I tell you know, it is a MUST-READ for any one  who has ever put up a presentation using the ugly templates Powerpoint comes with. Or anyone who has an idea who would like to find an effective way of presenting it.

So what struck me most in the book though, is there manifesto:

Chapter 12

Manifesto: The Five Theses ofthe Power of a Presentation

Treat Your Audience as King

They didn’t come to your presentation to see you. They came to find out what you can do for them. Success means giving them a reason for taking their time, providing content that resonates, and ensuring it’s clear what they are to do.

Spread Ideas and Move People

Creating great ideas is what we were born to do; getting people to feel like they have a stake in what we believe is the hard part. Communicate your ideas with strong visual grammar to engage all their senses and they will adopt the ideas as their own.

Help Them See What You’re Saying 

Epiphanies and profoundly moving experiences come from moments of clarity. Think like a designer and guide your audience through ideas in a way that helps, not hinders, their comprehension. Appeal not only to their verbal senses, but to their visual senses as well.

Practice Design, Not Decoration

Orchestrating the aesthetic experience through well-known but oft-neglected design practices often transforms audiences into evangelists. Don’t just make pretty talking points. Instead, display information in a way that makes complex information clear.

Cultivate Healthy Relationships

A meaningful relationship between you, your slides, and your audience will connect people with content. Display information in the best way possible for comprehension rather than focusing on what you need as a visual crutch. Content carriers connect with people.

---taken from Duarte's Slide:logy

The Explainer Advantage

In this age where an idea you come up with during a drunken moment of epiphany can turn into a billion dollar cash cow, people immediately take their ideas to the web. And with access to all the modern inter-web tools an idea can become a website almost instantaneously. With so many ideas out there, it is easy to mistake one as an offspring of another or how one website can be a better version of another. How do you set your service apart? How do you make consumers, your customers, single you out from the other somewhat similar ventures?

Well, Explainer Videos on a websites home page have proven to be a very effective and highly efficient method of not just setting you apart from the rest but establishing your image the moment a customer sets foot on your doorstep.


You've done your SEO, you paid much for PPC and other ways to drive traffic to your site. Now's your chance to show them what you've got. And realistically, you only have one chance.

Once customers set foot on your home page, you need to grab their attention immediately. Like a salesman greeting you at the door and leading you to the finer points of the business, a good explainer video must be able to capture your customers imagination and make him see himself benefiting from the product or service... immediately.

Any good marketer will know that keeping regular customers is often easier and less costly than trying to acquire new ones. A person browsing a website often clicks away within the first few seconds upon deduction that your product is basically just like another. It is easier to keep him on your page rather than go out and find another. An effective explainer should be able to keep them on the homepage and point them towards the unique information about your business that you need them to understand right away.


An explainer is usually just 2-3 minutes long. Anything beyond this often works against its purpose. Now you can use this and spread it across the internet. A good explainer video always has the potential to go viral. Your explainer is no longer limited to your home page but it could be streamed through YouTube or Vimeo, and shared across Facebook and all the other social media platforms. Without or with very minimal cost to you.


For websites that have been running for a while, sometimes it is difficult to conduct a major surgical procedure on the overall look of the site. And we all know that a brand needs to update its image to the rapidly changing times, changing your site's overall look can become expensive if you do it quarterly. With explainer videos, you can update your image without having to change your entire look. No need for a site facelift, just get a new trendy pair of shoes.


Whether you are serving a product, a service, a person, or an organization. You need to introduce yourself properly. Good explainers not just give you a good introduction, it should introduce you the right way. You want that ever important first impression of you to be exactly what you want it to be. 


With all these SEO tools and advertising engines that calculate  how to effectively get your advertising to the right consumer profiles and raising the chances of compliance to your call-to-action, we now have the laser-targeted ability to pay for just 3,000 qualified hits rather than paying for a million random hits to hopefully get the qualified ones in the process. And since internet videos are no longer subject to costly "airtime", explainer vids are the new format of marketing videos.

My site offers you access to professionally produced marketing videos at a fraction. Send me an email now.

New Office

The blog has been silent for a couple of months, that's because a lot has gone on and it has been pretty hard to sit in front of a laptop long enough after work to write a post. Anyway, summer in the Philippines has just ended signaled by the arrival of the first mega-typhoons. Yesterday was also the first time for me (and probably all the people I know) to have heard of an actual tornado in 'twister' levels hitting Manila, luckily some several kilometers away from my place.

So, what have we done the past months? A lot. A lot that I had to hire an assistant to make sure that work continues even when I had to tend to some major personal distresses. But yeah we got through the summer with lots of progress. We are now at the new office, its a small studio in orange. But I've not finished bringing in all the stuff so I won't post pictures just yet.

Some new gear as well, i7's and more HD audio stuff. Finally being able to afford to upgrade to Adobe CS5 and the new version of Adobe Audition. Software fuels inspiration. So now all the videos that come out of our studios are guaranteed to contain at least 50% more inspiration!


Just Being Vocal About It

I've been producing videos for quite a while now, and have worked with dozens of talented people. Lately, there's only 2 people I've been referring to clients for their voice-over requirements. Simply because they are worth the recommendation, and does me good to be in the company of such talented people. So Ladies and Gentlemen meet my favorite Voice-Actors....

First up, is Val Victa. I've known and worked with him for years and am ashamed to not have thought of him the past few months I've been looking for voices. It took a funeral of an old boss for us to get together again, and only then did I remember how this guy has been acclaimed for his talent in voice-acting. He comes from a great pedigree of actors and has received numerous awards in the past. Check him out on IMDB

Next, it is my pleasure to introduce to you Sarah Dillingham. Last year I stumbled upon her website from a link posted on another website. Liked how she sounded, so I gave her links to a client. She delivered well, so I referred her to another client. And on the third client (as I recall), was the only time I contacted her thru chat on facebook. She's on most of the videos on my home page. Her work speak for themselves. Nuff said. Check her out on her website

I've created a portion on my homepage to showcase some of their voice clips if you want to check them out,

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