John Carl Galang

C'mon. I'm Maverick, you're not even Goose.

Okay so this week I had to again turn down 2 offers asking me to join their design group or company. Both are start-ups, whats up with that?

Both, started with "Hi, I liked your portfolio..." or something to that effect. The other one even went to the extent of asking to feature my portfolio in their website which was still under construction.

I don't mean to sound snobbish. C'mon. It's flattering and all, but it doesn't serve me any benefit. Here is a new company probably composed of big-time professionals and industry experts (of whom I've never heard of  or worked with before) asking a guy who seems to be doing fairly "OK" based on his portfolio/website (at least that's how I see it and its insulting if you see it any less) to join them, who benefits who more?

And yes, I retired from my executive office desk managing an advertising and promotions division just to pursue working on my own and for my own purposes. So there.

I'm not the best at what I do, but I do manage myself pretty well. And at this point, I feel that working with a start-up is not good business. If it were an established design group needing hires to fill in some gaps, then that might be a different case. I can also do only so much in a given time, I'm also pretty booked now 'til sometime late next month. Plus, I think I can get the amount of clients I need to sustain my small operation myself. So it really doesn't add up joining a group or team.

Filling in some time, while waiting for a render to finish. :)

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